Hemp gummies for pain and sleep are one of the favorite ways to get Hemp oil’s benefits. Because they taste so good, it’s more likely that you will remember to take them regularly, as opposed to using sublingual Hemp oil.

Information on Pure Relief’s website explains how Hemp oil has pain relief qualities similar to  Tylenol. Both Hemp and Tylenol can relieve pain by interacting with our bodies’ endocannabinoid system. However, acetaminophen (the generic name for Tylenol) carries the risk of severe liver damage if taken in large doses, especially when combined with alcohol.

Pure Relief Hemp Gummies are non-GMO, sweetened with organic cane juice, organic corn syrup, and organic white grape juice, and are made without the use of any artificial colors or flavors.

A review of these gummy bears from a Hemp consumer specialist reports that they are one of the better Hemp gummies on the market, noting that because they are coated with sugar crystals, they don’t stick together like other Hemp gummies and that they have a good taste.

You can look for night-time gummies infused with melatonin if you have trouble sleeping. If you really have difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, you may opt to try a combination, like a product bundle of extra strength Hemp oil and gummies with melatonin. 

Hemp Gummies for Anxiety

CBD Gummies for Anxiety

Hemp gummies’ effects can be far-ranging. How does Hemp oil help with anxiety? It’s known that the human endocannabinoid system uses cannabinoid signaling compounds such as Hemp to help regulate functions not only like sleep and inflammation response but anxiety management as well. Hemp gummies take the guess factor out of trying to locate the best marijuana for anxiety, as they don’t add the additional stress factor of being illegal substances.

Medical News Today explains that Hemp oil may be a good option for people who cannot tolerate some of the side effects of prescription drugs for anxiety, which can include addiction. The site refers to a variety of studies of differing sizes and populations that seem to indicate that cannabidiol could reduce symptoms of social anxiety in people with a social anxiety disorder (SAD), and specifically how Hemp can treat anxiety experienced with public speaking.

In addition, there are indications that Hemp offers a promising treatment for other forms of anxiety, including panic disorder, post-traumatic stress, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Hemp gummies and other edibles that you can use for anxiety relief may also alleviate headaches, even those that are migraine headaches.

Recently the term “stress response hyperstimulation” has been used to describe the state of constant anxiety that’s all too common in today’s over-stimulating environment. Signs of stress-response hyperstimulation include:

- Over-abundance of nervous energy

- racing mind 

- difficulty in resting or refusal to rest

- compulsive need to over-schedule

- sleep disturbances

- craving junk food and sugar

Hemp gummies and other Hemp edibles for anxiety might be the answer if you identify with these indications.

Vaping and Smoking Hemp Products

Vaping and Smoking CBD Products

You may have heard about how to vape Hemp oil. Vaping is an alternative to ingesting Hemp oil sublingually or using it topically for pain relief and other methods.

If you are interested in vaping Hemp oil for pain relief and other benefits, a common question arises: “How much Hemp should I vape?”

Pure Relief offers a disposable Hemp Oil Vape Pen. It’s prefilled with 200 MG of pure Hemp oil that’s been extracted from high-quality industrial hemp. The Hemp vape juice has only untraceable amounts THC so that users won’t get any unwanted psychoactive effects, and they can be used anywhere that vaping is permitted. The three flavors—Tangie, Lemon Haze, and Gelato—are completely natural and derived from aromatic compounds in the hemp’s terpenes.

Perhaps you are already familiar with vaping Hemp, but you may not know that you can also buy smokable hemp online that contains Hemp’s properties. Look for pre-rolled hemp or versatile raw hemp flower available in bags, which can be rolled or put in a standard pipe or water pipe.

About Pure Relief’s Hemp Quality

Pure Relief gets high marks from HempOilReview.org for many factors (a full star more than the brand of Hemp For the People), for several factors. The company diligently posts independent potency tests for all of their products. Hemp Oil Review also notes that Pure Relief is less about hype than other companies and more about letting their Hemp oil speak for itself.

It’s noted in their review that Pure Relief’s Hemp tinctures come in full strength as well as an extra-strength variety, with each dosage broken down by milliliter so that customers can be well informed about the concentration in the oil they’re buying.

Hemp Product Quality Verification

When looking for products that use the best strain for anxiety and panic attacks, it’s important to ensure the company that makes your Hemp oil products meets certain criteria.

Check their website for these signs of quality:

Full-Spectrum Products

The company uses independent test results to prove that the Hemp oil used in their products is not only potent but also has a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.

100% Natural

Look for a Hemp line that is 100% all-natural, which is a rarity in the industry.

CO2 Extraction

This is the cleanest and safest extraction method and makes sure your Hemp oil is free of added impurities, unlike extraction methods that use petroleum-based solvents, which can leave residues.

Uses Organically Grown Hemp

You want hemp that will be pesticide-free and doesn’t endanger the environment through its cultivation methods.

The Takeaway: Do Hemp Gummies Work?

One thing that many people who use Hemp gummies like is that, unlike many other Hemp delivery methods, gummies have the advantage of prolonged effects. Consuming Hemp in edibles like gummies allows the liver to absorb the compounds in Hemp. This provides an extended-release of Hemp’s effects, which is one reason people may stay asleep throughout the night or use them for prolonged pain relief throughout the day, without needing to take a break for vaping. If you are new to Hemp products, you can learn more about their effectiveness, how they work, and how to easily order them with comprehensive FAQs. You may discover that daily use of Hemp reduces your stress, as well as diminishes achy joints and muscles.



February 10, 2020