Acai Berry Gummies HHC + D9 Blend



A big acai bowl for breakfast is a satisfying way to start your morning. An HHC D9 acai berry gummy is a great way to keep that wave of bliss rolling all day long. Our 20mg vegan edible gummies are made from premium hemp, and they’re just as delicious as they are relieving. Chew a gummy when you feel the need to unwind, and feel free to go back for another serving in a few hours to keep the benefits flowing.

  • 200mg package, 20mg each
  • 200mg package, 20mg each
  • HHC+D9 Full Blend
  • Made With Premium Hemp Extract


- Acai Berry Gummies

- Acai Berry Gummies HHC

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Acai Berry: Sugar, Light corn Syrup,(Corn Syrup High Fructose Corn Syrup,Vanilla ,Salt),Purified Water,Apple Pectin,Coconut Oil,Natural Flavors,Citric Acid,Sunflower,Lecithin,Purple Food Color(Water,Propylene Glycol,FD&C Red 40,FD&C Blue 1,FD&C Red 3),Sucralose

How to Use

Suggested Use: Take ONE gummy twice daily or as needed.