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If you’ve never heard of Blue Guava, you’re in for a treat. Blue Guava is a newer hybrid strain of hemp combining the legendary cult classic Blue Dream and Guava Kush. Blue Guava boasts the best of both strains, blending the creamy blueberry flavor of blue dream with the tangy sweetness of guava. You’ll get peppery, woody notes in the background that perfectly balance the sweetness.

Blue Guava creates a gentle, heady buzz. You’ll probably want to find an activity you can completely disappear into. If you’re an artist, musician, or gamer, Blue Guava is a great evening accompaniment to your favorite way to relax. You’ll get the uplifting effects you want and still feel motivated and inspired enough to explore, play, or create.

What Is Live Resin?

Most people don’t realize that almost all the hemp they smoke or vape is dead. It was harvested, dried, and cured. During that process, it lost some of its potency and most of its flavor. Live resin uses a different process.

Live resin takes fresh hemp flowers right from the plant and preserves them in their natural state. They go from the plant to the extractor to create fresh hemp resin. That’s why live resin is tastier than any other hemp product. You get to experience the essence of the hemp flower in its prime state.

What Is Delta-8?

When people talk about THC, they usually talk about delta-9 THC. Delta-9 THC is the main cannabinoid that makes cannabis plants psychoactive. Delta-8 is a lot like delta-9 THC’s little brother. They’re very similar and do the same thing, but delta-8 is nowhere near as strong.

Delta-8’s gentle potency is part of its appeal. It doesn’t overwhelm your senses. You feel uplifted and relaxed, but the experience won’t hit you like a freight train. You might feel more in control with delta-8 than you do with delta-9.

What Is HHC?

HHC is a hydrogenated modified cannabinoid. It’s created by taking delta-9 THC and adding an extra hydrogen atom. This changes the shape of the delta-9 THC compound and modifies its potency.

HHC is more of a gentle tickle than an elevating experience. It’s great for people who ordinarily find delta-9 THC too strong. HHC is often used to support relaxation rather than to inspire mind-altering effects.

What Is THC-P?

THC-P is a potent powerhouse. This naturally occurring cannabinoid is similar to delta-9 THC, but it’s more than 30 times as strong. A very tiny amount of THC-P goes a long way, so you only need the tiniest touch to feel elevated.


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Blue Guava: HHC, Delta 8, THC-P

How to Use

How To Use Your Blue Guava Vape Start slow and ride the wave. Take one puff of your Blue Guava vape, lasting just a second or two. Hold it and release it. Wait to see how you feel as the effects develop. After five or ten minutes, check in with your mind and body. How do you feel? Are you good? Are you where you want to be? If you’re feeling the vibe, stay where you are. If you need a little more, repeat the process.