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The Best CBD Topicals for Complete Relief

Our plant-based CBD topicals have been created to provide you with an all-natural solution to everyday discomfort. Pure Relief topicals are the best way to enjoy all the calming topical properties of hemp-derived CBD from muscle and joint support to soothing benefits for your skin.

All our topical products are made with a blend of natural powerhouse ingredients and the purest CBD extracted from American-grown hemp plants. Additionally, our CBD topicals are tested by third-party laboratories to guarantee the highest standards for quality and purity. You can rest assured that you are getting the best natural CBD topicals for sale on the market today.

Why Use CBD Topicals: CBD Creams vs. CBD Topical Oils

As one of the most powerful ingredients found in nature, hemp-derived CBD has a vast number of benefits for your body and mind. Generally, CBD Oils are used for things like stress and brain fog, while CBD topicals may be more effective at providing support for the physically-challenging aspect of your daily routines, such as tired muscles and sore joints. If you have an active lifestyle and the pain and aches of everyday life are holding you back, CBD topicals may be able to provide you with the extra help you need.

Pure Relief CBD Cream

Pure Relief’s best-selling topical hemp cream combines the soothing properties of full-spectrum CBD with other natural powerhouse ingredients like green tea, camphor, and eucalyptus. This CBD topical for pain makes for a potent solution for your knees, back, ankles, and any overworked joints and muscles that need extra support. Thanks to the nourishing properties of its plant-based ingredients, our CBD topical creams can also help keep your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed, making it a perfect alternative for dryness and irritation.

Want the Full CBD Experience? Shop More Pure Relief Products

If you are looking for the complete CBD routine, we recommend complementing CBD topicals with Pure Relief oils, gummies, or smokable CBD joints. We even have special bundles to help you save on our most popular products, including our CBD Roll-on. These bundles are designed to give a more balanced CBD experience with a specially curated product selection that works exceptionally well together.

CBD Topicals FAQ

I have never tried CBD cream or CBD topicals. What can I expect?

If you have never tried topical CBD, you can be confident that our plant-based CBD cream is a great starting place. Our cream is made to deliver all the soothing benefits of CBD and other natural ingredients, including camphor, eucalyptus, aloe, tea tree, and more, commonly used for relief. Our natural formulation ensures fast-acting results and increased absorption so that you get natural relief when you need it the most.

What is CBD cream best used for?

Thanks to the combination of hemp-derived CBD and other powerhouse ingredients, our natural topical hemp has the potential to provide numerous benefits. Common uses include joint and muscle support, post-workout recovery, and relief for irritated skin.

What’s the difference between CBD cream and CBD oil?

Our CBD oil can be taken sublingually or mixed into your favorite drinks like smoothies and milkshakes. When taken sublingually, you should hold the oil under your tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing. The benefit of sublingual consumption is that it allows the active compounds in our oil to bypass the digestive system and reach your bloodstream more quickly.

Is CBD oil legal?

Our CBD hemp oil is more commonly used for mental support, as it may help reduce stress, minimize fatigue, and support sleep. Meanwhile, CBD topical creams provide targeted support to the area where it is applied, making it a better choice for joints, muscles, and skin.

Can you apply your topical CBD products to the face?

Yes! Pure Relief CBD topical cream contains no irritants or synthetic ingredients that may harm your skin. Our cream is completely plant-based and is safe for the skin on your body and face.